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Liability Waiver and Assumption of Risks

Welcome to COOK FOREST CANOE RENTALS CO. As you set out on a scenic journey upon this beautiful river, please realize that canoeing, kayaking, and tubing as any adventure, entails some risks and hazards, and can result in injury or death. A canoe by its very nature sacrifices balance for speed and sleekness, and the occupants must take care to maintain a center of balance and keep the canoe or kayak lined up with the current. Obstacles in the river represent possible hazards and should be respected Changing river conditions at times result in quick currents and the necessity for alert and responsible operation of the canoe or kayak. Be aware and watch your stepping during
put-ins and take-out points. Please examine your equipment and report any problems before beginning your trip. Please return equipment in the same condition as when received.


You are fully responsible for any one in the canoe that is under 18 years of age. You are responsible that anyone 90 pounds or less is wearing the appropriate life jacket for their correct weight.

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Please download and print as many copies of the waiver as needed and obtain all necessary signatures prior to your arrival at Cook Forest Canoe Rental.

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Brent Lipford

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